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Rhymes to Play and Say, at any time throughout the day.

Devised to entertain and delight small children from breakfast to supper. Busy toddlers will love the pattern of rhymes and actions, it will fill their minds with new vocabulary and playtime activities.

Have fun with jungle animals, buzzing bees, tractors, rockets, aeroplanes and of course ... big green crocodiles.

Jane Newberry has spent many years working with young children, parents and carers. She has a wealth of play-songs, rhymes and activities that she has devised and Big Green Crocodile is a brilliant addition to her work.

Carolina Rabei always loved drawing and gained a BA in Graphic Design in Moldova and then went on to the Cambridge School of Art, Children's Book Illustration. her illustrations have a real appeal for young children and the colours and different creatures make every page a pleasure.

Published by Otter-Barry Books, publishers making a difference, pushing boundaries and publishing books that children will love.

We do love this book,  and I am about to Face Time a 3 year old with .... which one shall I choose ... Big Green Crocodile

A great big green crocodile lay down for a nap.

I lay down beside him until he went... SNAP!

A great big brown lion lay down on the floor,

I lay down beside him until he went...ROAR!

A small furry teddy lay down with a yawn.

I lay down beside him and slept until dawn.

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