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Sch of ArtOn a wet and windy autumnal evening I walked into the Royal College of Art for the making and creating of the book, The School of Art, published by Wide Eyed Editions.

Hosted by Ibby and Books for Keeps, this was a wonderful way to spend the evening.

Professor Teal Triggs and RCA graduate, Daniel Frost were sitting on the floor of the podium in front of the poster,I was early, and it was a good chance to take a photo and have a pre chat before the event.Image 2

With a glass of wine in my hand more people started to join the group and the lecture started.

Both Teal and Danny had a strong sense of enjoyment in developing the book, and the magic of the book was shown in their love of portrayals of the professors of different aspects; Professor of Ideas, Professor of Senses, Professor of Making and Professor of the Planets.

The design for the Professor of Ideas in a cloud with her ideas around her in the very comfy chair,was inspired by Daniel.

Teal said that the characters led the narrative and the concept for Professor of Ideas, for instance, was of an Edwardian woman 'who knew her own mind but was not afraid to wear a string of pearls.'

Publishers Wide Eyed Editions have another success in this book, for the inspiration for the idea and the creating of such a beautiful book, with especial praise for Jenny Broom, editor.

Recommended for children, 7-9, 9-12 years by

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