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Spot the Bird
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Spot the Bird on the Building Site is a new book in this series of Spot the... by Sarah Khan and illustrated by Moreno Chiacchiera and published by Quarto Kids, QED.

A wonderful choice for Summer Holidays reads, they are packed with images of activities, around for instance, a building site. Trying to find the image amongst an array of pictures gets everyone searching, reading, looking and learning too. They are great fun!

These titles are part of the QED publishing for children's books, which are excellently produced in style, content and feel. They are books to have and to read,which will linger on the table and the shelves.

Spot the Bird on the Building Site shows some major building projects, like cranes on buildings in London. There are facts on every page,such as, ' The world's tallest crane is also the strongest. It can lift a load the weight of 12 blue whales over 50 storeys high.'

My favourite of the series is Spot the Seal around the World. It's a tour around the continents of the world and images and a few facts to remember, such as, 'Oceania is made up of lots of islands - the biggest one is Australia'.

Spot the Mummy in the Museum
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Spot the Mummy in the Museum has a curious mummy figure in bandages with two wide open eyes as it finds its way around the museum; the collections of dinosaurs, masks, buried treasures, Ancient Greeks and Romans , great to follow and acquire more information as you go over the pages.

We would recommend these books for a wide age group, as they will be easily delved into by 9 and 10 year olds as well as exploring with 5/6 year olds along with parents and teachers.

Have fun reading, exploring and finding out...

Spot the Seal


Sue Martin

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