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The Flute, cover image and web link
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This is the flute, it sounds like yellow. Easy and mellow...  The Flute is the newly released second book (publication date March 2019), in the series of Children, Music, Life from Tiny Owl Publishing.

Ken Wilson-Max and Catell Ronca bring the flute to life as  words whisper and dance across the page and illustrations reflect colour and life.  You can feel the magic and lightness of the flute on every page.

The series explores different musical instruments from around the world,  how they make you feel and move, their character and sounds, the music they bring which can make you dance, and sing. The first book, The Drum, is also written by Ken Wilson-Max and illustrated by Catell Ronca.

The Drum, cover image and web link
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Ken Wilson-Max, lives in London, originally from Zimbabwe and has illustrated more than 60 books, including The Drum which is shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award 2019. He publishes a newspaper for children called Chicken! He is an amazing story-teller, visiting schools and spending time with children.

Catell Ronca lives in Lucerne and studied at The Royal College of Art, London and has a huge range of art projects including children's book illustrations.

Tiny Owl Publishing has a unique place in children's books, bringing diverse voices and an amazing skill in creating beautiful and readable books for children and adults too. They also have a range of resources which are useful for teaching.

The books are perfect for Early Years and can encourage conversations between child and adult, can be an excellent sharing book at bedtime. The Flute can also be a starter for further learning about music, instruments and making music, but also about feelings, inner thoughts, ourselves and our choices, much to explore through the start of a life with music with The Flute and the series Children, Music, Life from Tiny Owl Publishers.

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We thoroughly recommend for ages in Early Years from babies to beyond!

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