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Brains are amazing! They are responsible for every single thing we do.

The Great Big Brain Book shows how our brains work and all the things and activities we do are directed by the brain, from sleeping and dreaming, to language and memory.

Illustrations and bite sized sections of text deliver the facts in an engaging and memorable way. You can use them to explore more about the subject or as an introduction to how are bodies and minds work together so well.

It is part of the series of The Great Big.... books about all sorts of things which children ask about all the time. It gives some answers and is a fascinating collection of thought processes.

At home I have a very large and detailed book about the brain, so far I have only ever read the first chapter, so maybe this will help me to get a little further!

Mary Hoffman is an internationally acclaimed author of over 120 books for children, with an amazing selection of genres, titles and age groups.

Ros Asquith who has partnered Mary on many books is the illustrator with  such a distinctive style and aptitude for pictures that will be a great part of the text for young children.

Frances Lincoln Children's Books are the publishers and The Great Big Brain Book not only joins an amazing series but an amazing publisher of total quality books.


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