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Starry Skies - cover image and web link
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Starry Skies is a great introduction to space, astronomy and earth science.

There is a strong sense of darkness in the black pages with yellow and white dots for the constellations and writing, great for trying to spot the stars in our dark skies.

A double page holds a complete constellation and includes, Pegasus, Hercules and Leo. Every night, the sky is filled with stars that tell a thousand tales. Brave warriors, regal queens, fierce beasts.

The character on the pages are walking at night and stargazing making sense of the universe above us.

Samantha Chagollan is an award-winning author and editor of children’s books. She grew up in Southern California with a passion for telling and writing stories. After gaining a degree in literature she worked in publishing and is now a freelance author.

Nila Aye is a firm favourite of the London illustration scene and there is an influence of a retro design in her characters and style.

Walter Foster JR are the publishers and are part of the QuartoKids group.

Sue Martin is part of SmithMartin LLP

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