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Who jumped, slithered, and stretched into the bed last night? That’s what Dad wants to know in this wiggly, giggly bedtime book! Written in catchy, sing-song verse, this adorably illustrated book will be a bedtime favourite. Children will love seeing who jumps into the bed next, and parents will appreciate the dad who, after a sleepless night, still gets up and saves the day!

A peaceful night was changed when different animals find their way into the bed. The cat who wandered, the dog who bounded and the giraffe who stretched...

A great book for sharing in a nursery or at home. You can explore how different words reflect the actions of the animals and it can become a learning experience!

Pictures are fun and quirky and very descriptive on mood and actions. I really enjoyed this delightful book and recommend for any Early Years setting and at home.

Written by Joe Rhatigan    who has a great Facebook page with other great books too.

Illustrator is Julia Seal who is hugely talented with colourful and lively pictures.

Sunbird Books are a great new publishers we are pleased to work with. They have some amazing books for early years and beyond, books with a difference.

Sue Martin - Children's Literacy Specialist

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