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A heartwarming picture book from award-winning author-illustrator Caroline Magerl about a little bear who forges a forever friendship.

Nop is a scruffy kind of bear. He sits on a dusty armchair in Oddmint's Dumporeum surrounded by the beaders, knitters, patchers and stitchers who are much too busy to talk to him. So he watches the litter tumble until, armed with a new bow tie, he has an idea that will change his life forever...

A beautiful book about a bear. A bear that has been left behind and not noticed by those working in the Dumporeum. Maybe that is a good thing as Nop begins an adventure.

Books go Walkabout book shop button image and linkThere is much to be said for a book about bears in this time of stay at home and stay indoors. May be the time to check out those cupboards where bears may be lurking or even trying for adventures.

The illustrations in line and watercolour have a magical feel about them and a real joy to explore bringing the text alive.


Caroline Magerl  is an award-winning and internationally distinguished illustrator, cartoonist and painter, who is now recognised as a unique and arresting presence. Her work spans from dark, enigmatic oil paintings, through incisive cartoons, to lively children’s book illustrations.

Walker Books published Nop in Jan 2020 and have a great collection of picture books for young children as well as a host of other genre. Their website has some great links to their teacher notes and videos.

But for now, Nop is definitely a book to add to your list of books to buy in January lockdown of 2021.

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