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New titles for October<br>Frances Lincoln

Four great new titles from the publisher Frances Lincoln this month.Image 5

Beautifully created with thought and care, they all make splendid additions to your bookshelf at home or to the library.

Image 2The Magic Bojabi Tree by Dianne Hofmeyer and Piet Grobler.

Folktales from Africa.

'Python has wrapped himself around the melon/mango/pomegranate tree with its delicious fruit, and he won't share the fruit unless the animals can tell him the correct name of the tree. Elephant, Monkey and Zebra each in turn visit Lion, who alone knows the name of the tree...'

My Life as a Goldfish and other poems
by Rachel Rooney.

Image 1

I just love the title and it is excellent for jokes, rhymes and surprises.

'A monster’s lunch, a wolf boy, Monday mornings, monkeys, headlice, Christmas, making friends, goldfish – and lots more. Full of jokes, surprises and puzzles, but also sensitive and thought-provoking, this is a spellbinding new collection from the winner of the CLPE Poetry Award...'


Image 4How the Library Saved Rapunzel by Wendy Meddour (and illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown)

Living on the 16th floor, the only thing that saves Rapunzel is the work in the library.

'Rapunzel sits on the sixteenth floor of an inner city block, bored, dreaming and looking out at the rain.  No one can rouse her from her apathy, not the milkman or the postman or the baker or her aunt – or even the prince. But when at last a letter is delivered, it contains news that has Rapunzel on her feet again. She has a new job at the library! And suddenly her life is busy, sparkling, exciting and stimulating...'


Unos, Dos, Tres, by Yanitzia Canetti and illustrated by Patrice AggsImage 3

This is a beautiful collection of Spanish words and phrases.

"Simple songs and rhymes are an excellent way to familiarise young children with another language. Uno Dos Tres a collection of 25 traditional nursery rhymes, is a delightful way to introduce Spanish. An illustrated vocabulary features simple words and phrases that are easy to learn and that can be used in games or everyday life. Children are encouraged to repeat the phrases and sing along with the rhymes, and the included CD lets them know how both should sound..."

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