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Zim Zam Zoom by James Carter, published by Otter-Barry Books

Zim Zam ZoomZim, Zam,Zoom!

Zappy poems to read out loud, by James Carter and illustrated by Nicola Colton is published by Otter-Barry Books, the new children's publishers.

A brilliant introduction to poetry for young children, poems easily learnt and performed, great titles and include colours, animals, space, music and fairy tale fireworks.

James Carter is a prize winning poet, guitarist and educational writer, he gives poetry performances and workshops and is a great choice for schools on author in school.

Nicola Colton is an Irish illustrator with a playful, folktale art style and these are really good at making the poems come to life in the book.

Zim Zam Zoom! is one of the launch titles for Otter-Barry Books, an exciting new imprint aiming to make a difference, push boundaries and publish books that children will love.

Recommended for schools and libraries and for armchair moments!

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