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I Will Not Wear Pink by Joyce and Polly Dunbar

I will not wear pink'Nothing or no-one will make me wear pink!' declares Plunkett the pig. A great fun read by the duo Dunbars, wonderful, uplifting and meaningful. A launch title for Otter-Barry Books and part of an excellent collection for Spring 2016.

Children have great determination and are not easily persuaded... I will not, I absolutely can not, you cannot make me and in fact I just won't!! Often used by young children on all sorts of occasions.

The story is based on an invitation to a party and Plunkett would love to go except the theme is Pink, Dream, Fancy, Frills and Thrills. Plunkett is not going to wear pink!! ' I will not wear pink.' he says. The solution in the end is charming, he doesn't actually wear pink but...

Beautiful illustrations from Polly Dunbar, who already has several bestselling picture books and the words words from Joyce Dunbar are delightful, fun and playful.

Recommended for all children... Oh, and for adults too who will relate to the scenario very well!

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