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The Snowbear by Sean Taylor and Claire Alexander

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The Snowbear is a spellbinding story about the magic of snow and the power of a child's imagination. With a simple text and beautiful illustrations, it will be read and enjoyed again and again.

Written by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Claire Alexander, The Snowbear is published by Words and Pictures. 

The snow came in the night and in the morning Iggy and Martine went out to make a snowman.

"Make a snowman if you want. But be careful because the hill is very slippery." warns their Mum.

   A snow bear is made and the children  have fun in the snow. But then they decide to slide down and down the hill in their sledge, so fast and so far that they can't stop! Alone with only the eyes of a wolf in the trees they are scared.

lolloping down the hill the Snowbear scares the wolf away. He picks up the children and the sledge and carries them home, safe and sound!

Beautifully written and enchantingly illustrated, a perfect gift for Christmas and winter months.

Sue Martin

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