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15 Things Not to Do with a Puppy by Margaret McAllister and illustrated by Holly Sterling

15 things not to do with a puppy
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This is a great read to share with young children and anyone who has ever had a puppy, or thinking about it. Young children will love the illustrations and the sense of trying hard to tame a puppy in difficult circumstances.

What shouldn’t you do with a puppy? Well, don’t take him to the library that is a seriously bad idea! Don’t try and take him for a walk when he is asleep, because he won’t budge an inch! Definitely don’t let him have the remote control, because you’re going to have some seriously amazing programmes and a very soggy remote!

   Margaret Mc Allister has written this hilarious follow-up to 15 Things Not do with Your Granny, it is a very warm and great book to read and teaches just how to love and share time and fun with a puppy.

Holly Sterling is a new illustrator in children’s books, but already her style is well received. Previous books, like Everybody Feels in 2016, and Hiccups, her first book that she has written and illustrated are great successes.

Frances Lincoln Children’s Books are part of the Quarto Group and publish really excellent titles.

Sue Martin

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