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Freddie and the High Flying Kick by Adelle Spindlove

Freddie and the High Flying Kick - cover image
Delightful graphics, great storytelling...

How to see the world from  a different point of view. How it feels to never be included in the games and fun activities because you are in a wheelchair of have to use a frame.

This is  a special book about disability and shows the absolute understanding of how difficult life becomes when you can’t take part in activities where other children are having fun .

Sometimes its hard to be involved and easier just to walk away rather than help.

Freddie and the High Flying Kick is a story which shows how the power of working together with a group of children cam make all the difference. Freddie is helped by the Super-siblings, who at first find it hard to know what to do. But they do take the giant step and help Freddie who just needs someone to help his balance as he kicks the football so high.

Zoe Wanamaker has reviewed the book and says, 'This is charming, delightful and fun. A lesson in care for others. The pictures and verse make it a joy to read!'

Freddie and the High Flying Kick is available on Amazon and  is written by Adelle Spindlove with illustrations by Claire S. Bicknell and would be well placed in schools and early years settings as well as in the home.

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