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What is Daddy Going to Do? by Carly Madden and Juliana Perdomo

What is daddy going to do? - cover image
Can your Dad fly to the moon...

Can your Dad fly to the moon or  build a pirate ship with a cardboard box?

This Flap Flap book is full of wonderful ideas and illustrations about just what the best Dad’s in the world can do.

It is  just right for all young children who love to turn the flaps in  books and find further pages and adventures. In What is Daddy going to do? … you can explore imaginative and incredible ideas for Dad’s all over.

Dads, as Mum’s too, are often busy and have lots to do, but they have fun too! Look at what Daddy is doing or wearing and see if you can guess what he's about to do! Open the flap on each spread to discover the answer in a delightful, colourful scene.

With sturdy flaps to aid hand-eye co-ordination and a question on each page to prompt conversation between parent and child, this bright, engaging board book is the perfect exploration of the activities that make up a parent and toddler’s day.

Carly Madden is the author and she loves making books that spark curiosity and imagination. She lives in Essex, England, with her husband and two children, and is most often found in the forest.

page image from the book
Lovely, engaging images...

Juliana Perdomo is a Colombian illustrator in love with life, nature, people, and colours! Her work is great for young children, being clear and visual with a happy and  feel, with a Latin touch. She loves to create joyful, heartfelt stories, and illustrations based on her own memories and everyday inspiration.

Words and Pictures, part of Quarto Knows produce some of the best children’s books which support learning and enable young children to enter different worlds, all with the turning of a page.

The title in this book says it all! So many times young children just ask that exact question... What is Daddy Going to do?

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