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Nook by Sally Anne Garland

If you have ever felt so shy that you couldn’t even walk into the classroom or go and talk to new friends, you will totally understand how Nook feels. She is small and shy, and she likes to sit in the comfy space of a hollow tree. It was her favourite space, and she could lean back into the hollow and feel very space. Her friends would try and coax her out, but she just stayed there. 

But one day that all changed  as Badger had taken her place.

Nook's friends stood beside her and helped her to move away and start to play with them. From then on Nook would join in all the games and her space in the hollow tree would be empty as Nook chose not to sit there.

Nook is a gentle story which explores shyness and sensory needs,  inspiring kindness, inclusion and friendship. It is a beautiful story and a great book to have in a nursery at Early Years Settings, school and home.

Written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland who grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and even at the age of four was good at drawing. Sally went on to study Illustration and Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art. She now lives in Glasgow with her partner and her son. Nook was inspired by a hollow tree at her son’s school, a place of quiet thinking and feeling safe.

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There is a special feel about this beautiful hard back book and I would thoroughly recommend for children at home and in Early Years Settings.

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