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The Squirrel’s Tail by Julian Reisz

When a bouncy little squirrel named Hazel loses her tail, her dad decides to make her a new one. But first he has to venture out into the dark dangerous night to gather everything he needs... 

Hazel climbed so high, she thought she could touch the clouds. As her tummy started rumbling she knew it was time to go home. But a branch had broken and then disaster struck. Why did some animals think she looked like a hamster!

Inspired by a bedtime story originally created by the author to comfort his daughter, who underwent a series of operations when she was very small. This vibrant picture book celebrates both the extraordinary strength of children as they face life’s challenges, and the tireless devotion of their parents. With a touching father-daughter relationship at its heart, the story takes place in the Great Forest, a magical world teeming with colourful creatures and dazzling lollipop trees, beautifully brought to life by illustrator Alex Beeching.

The Squirrel's Tail  is a truly beautiful book in hardback with delightful illustrations. Hazel immediately makes you feel she is the animal image of your own child, finding ways to comfort and support at times of need are so important. Even a crisis of losing the most beautiful part of her body for Hazel can be overcome.

Publication date is 15th October 2021 and to buy go direct to The Squirrel's Tail  

The author is Julian Reisz, an Anglo-French father of three now living in Sweden. His daughter was very tiny when she was diagnosed with hip problems resulting in major surgery, traumatic in the extreme. The Squirrel’s Tail was the story they shared together and created by Julian, at that difficult time.

Watch the amazing video above to show the real life Hazel, aged 11. An incredible good news story to bring you joy and to help other children and families too,

I love this book and I highly recommend it for reading aloud with young children, and also as an 'early reader' for children around 4-6 years. I am now taking the book to a little girl, who is very important to me, and we will sit and read and think, which is perfect!

Sue Martin



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