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Wolf Girl by Jo Loring-Fisher

When you have a heart as big and brave as a wolf but everything around you makes you feel small, then is the time to dress up like a wolf and feel free. This is a beautiful book about overcoming shyness and finding yourself. The illustrations are exquisite and you really feel you're in the forest with trees and snowflakes, how Sophie plucked up courage just to speak to her friends when she felt so desperately shy was wonderfully illustrated.

Sophie tries to fit in at school, but everyone laughs and whispers behind her back. One day something extraordinary happens, she is whisked away to a snowy land and meets a wolf and her cub! They have the best time together, rolling around and howling in the snow. Sophie has finally found friends and nothing can ruin her day, until a big angry bear bear appears. But Sophie has found her voice now and she's found the courage she's been looking for all along.

Joe Loring-Fisher is an illustrator storyteller and mum of four. She lives in bath with her family, loves the natural world and enjoys creating images using a range of materials producing wonderful illustrations her other picture books include taking time and just like you.

Frances Lincoln Children's Books part of the Quarto Knows group are the publishers. They have a wealth of beautiful and meaningful children's books. Wolf Girl is a fantastic addition to their publications.

From the depths of the cover illustrations with wolf girl, a wolf, snowflakes and an owl you and any children will be intrigued and keep turning the pages.

It is  a wonderful book to have,  to read and to share.

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