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My Own Way by Joana Estrela and Jay Hulme

A beautifully illustrated picture book...

My Own Way is a simple and inclusive introduction to the freedom in gender expression. A beautifully illustrated picture book which expresses the ways in which children can look beyond stereotypes and find the way they want to be. NO longer defined by the boy/girl scenario.

‘Your gender is not defined by what you wear, what you look like or what you do. It’s defined by how you feel inside.

‘ Boy or Girl doesn’t cover everyone. You might be both. You might be none!’

Some great images and concepts which will help children and adults to understand this wonderful change in stereo types and freedoms.

The authors are Joana Estrela and Jay Hulme , published by Wide Eyed Editions, part of the Quarto Knows group.

I am deeply impressed by this book which has already enabled me to have conversations and see a positive future  for us all. a great book to have in school and at home.

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