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BLOOM by Julia Seal

A beautiful book packed with pastel illustrations...

Once the ocean was full of friends, but lately, things have been changing...

 A beautiful book packed with pastel coloured illustrations amidst the text. This is more than just the story of Luna the jellyfish. She discovers that her friends are finding life harder in the ocean.  This is an ocean, once home to many creatures on the coral reef, but they have vanished, an ocean which is full of odd shapes and floating objects, like the plastic flip flops and sweet wrappings,  gradually dropping to the ocean floor.

A bloom of jelly fish comes along to help, and together they 'gang up'  on things  humans have put in place, like blocking up the vents by the power station. They knew the children on the beach would be friends and a vast number of jelly fish appear on the water's surface.

A stunningly beautiful book written and illustrated by Julia Seal, UK author and illustrator. Julia has written and illustrated books which have already been shortlisted for awards .

Sunbird books are the publishers, part of Phoenix International Publications and they specialise in innovative and original books for children, representing strong, lively, and diverse voices , reflecting children’s realities and feeding imaginations, while nurturing up-and-coming writers and illustrators from around the world.

Definitely one of my favourites this month!

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