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Beautiful New Books from Otter-Barry Books

Picture Books with style, meaning and love. New books from Otter-Barry Books are why I love picture books for young children. Through wonderful illustrations and engaging text they express deep meanings.

By Jonnie Wild and Illustrated by Brita Granström

A fourth exciting adventure featuring the Five Flamingos.

"I don't like flingo weed," says Baby. "I'm going to find a family that eats something delicious."

Baby Flamingo is a very fussy eater! He visits the monkeys, the bats, the giraffes and the anteater, but he doesn't like ANY of their food. So he goes to the river to see what Crocodile likes to eat!

Each page is full of spectacularly coloured illustrations and make wonderful reading.





As this book is about conservation and Reforest Africa,  the author's royalties will be donated in support of wildlife habitat conservation projects in Africa.


I Love You ,Blue












By Barroux

A touching love story with an important message about ocean pollution through plastics.

When Jonas the lighthouse-keeper is rescued from the stormy sea by a whale, they become friends. But soon Blue the whale is in great danger too, and now he needs help from Jonas...

This touching love story from world-renowned picture book creator, Barroux, beautifully highlights the urgency of saving our whales and our oceans.

Such a moving book, says so much in a few words, but the illustrations are so expressive. We all need to look after our seas and oceans.

Living close to the sea, I enjoy walks along the shore, seeing the shells and stones brought onto the sand banks, but saddened by the pieces of plastic.

Watch this amazing video from Barroux. Jonas and the whale respecting each other.

I love both of these books and highly recommend for home, nurseries and schools.

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