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A Little bit of Hush by Paul Stewart and Jane Porter

A story celebrating mindfulness and quiet moments in a noisy world

The Starlings are squabbling
the Crows are making a terrible din - 
it's SO NOISY the Squirrel babies just CAN'T sleep.
Squirrel knows there's only one thing to do. She must ask Owl for help...

And so begins a magical woodland journey with Owl's amazing Silence Catcher. Owl and Squirrel discover the hush inside a hollow tree...then the stillness when an acorn drops...and last of all, the silence between the lightning's flash and the thunder's roll. They capture pockets of peace, moments of stillness, bubbles of silence...and Owl puts them all together for Squirrel.

Now, when Squirrel goes back home to her babies, could there be A Little Bit of Hush?

This beautiful picture book encourages mindfulness, awareness of nature and ways to find peace and stillness in our noisy world.

Paul Stewart is the author. In the video he describes the different sorts of silence you can have. Paul is a highly regarded author of books for young readers and is the co-creator along with Chris Riddell of the best-selling Edge Chronicles. Before living in Brighton Paul was a traveller, living in Germany and Sri Lanka, and this brings a huge dimension to his work .

Jane Porter is an exciting new illustrator and also works with the V&A Museum in London and Kensington Palace. In A Little Bit of Hush, Jane has used different materials to create a collage for each page.

Otter-Barry Books are the publishers and have a unique and exciting new collection in 2022 of high quality picture books.

A beautiful book and one to really enjoy exploring with a young reader by your side.

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