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On My Papa’s Shoulders by Niki Daly

'When Papa lifts me onto his shoulders I'm as high as a cloud and can see the whole world'. A wonderful heart warming celebration of fathers everywhere from a multi award-winning writer and illustrator, Niki Daly.

A beautifully written book with outstanding illustrations as the young boy is taken to school by mother and grandparents and why he likes their different ways.

'But the days I love best are when Papa takes me to school. Papa is strong and tall... I want to stay on Papa's shoulders for ever and ever.

On My Papa's Shoulders is a journey through the neighbourhood, a journey through family and a journey into a child's perspective of what makes each one of them special, but even more so the time when Papa takes him to school.

One little boy in South Africa has just started school. When Mama takes him, they hurry along – but there’s always time for a kiss at the school gate. When Gogo takes him they go slow and feed the hungry cat on the way. When it’s Tata’s turn they walk through the park and splash in puddles. But the best days of all are when Papa takes him to school and lifts him high on his shoulders.
A heart-warming celebration of family and fathers.

Written and illustrated award winning author Niki Daly, who lives with his wife, author and illustrator Jude Daly, in South Africa.

Published by Otter-Barry Books,  a small independent publisher based in Herefordshire with a focus on culturally diverse and inclusive illustrated books, as well as a strong collection of poetry titles

I am sure this book will be read and reread many times and will be a firm favourite for all young children on their journeys to school across the world.

A great book for home, nursery and library.

Sue Martin     Children's Literacy Specialist,  Books Go Walkabout is part of SmithMartin LLP

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