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Invisible Nature A Secret World Beyond Our Senses by Catherine Barr and Anne Wilson

Invisible sights, silent sounds, odourless smells, and mysterious forces all at work in our world but yet unseen and unheard.  Nature that is invisible to us but so important to make our world work.

Big Bangs and Silent Waves, Day Glow and Shiny Colours, Bouncing Sounds and Squeaky Whistles with Ultrasound, Weird Whiffs and Silent Smells, the Secret Scents in our lives, these are just some of the fascinating pages in this unique book.

Children will be amazed by the facts they discover; they will learn how these secret powers are at work which support everyone in their daily lives. It is always fascinating to discover unseen things at work and children are so observant in their perception and understanding. This book will enable them to uncover their own detective nature work and feel really empowered to find out even more.

There is a wonderful glossary with definitions and diagrams to show just how invisible nature works for us all in this universe.

Catherine Barr is  an award wining author of non-fiction children’s books and her books include Water, Fourteen Wolves and and Let's Save the Amazon. Her website is not only beautiful but is packed with information. Her author visits for schools are full of information, adventure and inspiration .

Anne Wilson has produced the most beautiful illustrations with huge visual impact.

Otter Barry Books are the publishers and Invisible Nature is part of their exceptional portfolio of non fiction books for children in primary schools.

Highly recommend this book to all the schools we work with and for parents at home too.

Sue Martin Children's Literacy Specialist


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