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The Last Tiger by By Petr Horáček


When the last tiger is captured by human hunters, he realises that it is more important to be free than to be strong...

Strong and proud, the tiger is lord of the jungle, but all his strength and boldness cannot keep him safe from the human hunters. In captivity, the tiger realises that what really matters is not strength or power, but freedom.

Moving, thought-provoking and superbly illustrated by an award-winning picture book creator - this is an important fable for our time.

An incredible story about a Tiger in captivity who only escapes when he has become so thin that he can get through the bars of his cage. He decides that he will never let a man see him again.

Petr Horáček is the writer and illustrator, with such skill in portraying emotion and feeling, both in words and images. The tiger in the cage is at first seen by many people walking past but when he becomes so thin and is no fun to provoke, no one comes past. He was born in Prague and studied at the Academy of Fine Art. After graduating in 1994, he moved to live in England and now lives in Worcestshire. He has won a sring of international awards and The Last Tiger is Long Listed for the UKLA Book Awards

Otter-Barry Books are the publishers and have amazing skill at creating these wonderful picture books which tell much more that the words on the page.

The Last Tiger is a stunning book with a huge tale to tell.

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