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When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth by Sean Taylor and Zehra Hicks

Set back in the days WHEN DINOSAURS WALKED THE EARTH, this is a hilarious picture-book about Smallasaurus, who enjoys a plant-based diet, and Badasaurus who likes to eat small dinosaurs who enjoy a plant-based diet.

It all begins when Smallasaurus has to think. And thinking can be a problem when you only have a brain the size of a walnut. Luckily, Badasaurus only has a brain the size of a peanut  . . . and so begins a hilarious game of 'cat and mouse'.

Will she eat the small dinosaur, with a plant-based diet? Or will she eat the great big dinosaur, with a small-dinosaur-based diet? It doesn’t take long for her to choose. And it doesn’t take long for Badasaurus to find out. And that’s how it sometimes was back in the days . . . WHEN DINOSAURS WALKED THE EARTH.

Super book which will engage with all those interested in dinosaurs.

Sean Taylor is an award-winning author of over 50 books for young readers of many different age.  Zehra Hicks is a brilliant illustrator and author, her character dinosaurs are so appealing.

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Sue Martin - Children's Literacy Specialist

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