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It Starts with a Seed – Winner of the Inaugural Margaret Mallett Award

It Starts with a Seed - cover image
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Many congratulations to the winner of the Inaugural Margaret Mallett Award for Children's Non-Fiction which will be awarded at the English Association's General Meeting on 24th May.

It Starts With a Seed is written by Laura Knowles and illustrated by Jennie Webber, published by Words and Pictures in September 2016. We recommended the book in the autumn of 2016 on Dolphin Books  and are delighted that it has achieved such well deserved success.

It is the story of a seed as it journeys from the branches of a tree into the ground and becomes first a young sapling and then a tree. It introduces children to how the eco-system works, it teaches children about the life cycle of a tree, it has stunning artwork and words that easily engage the reader.

''The prize has been established by the English Association in memory of Margaret Mallett, a Fellow of The English Association and a long-serving member of the editorial board of the journal English 4-11, who died after a short illness in March 2017. Margaret was a passionate advocate for high quality books for children, and in particular non-fiction books. She had a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of children's literature, and her reviews of new titles in Books for Keeps and the School Librarian were hugely admired. She was able to get to the heart of a book and deliver a perceptive judgement that was both just and generous''.


Dolphin Books recommend  It Starts with a Seed to all our readers, a great book and we are delighted that The English Association begins the awards in great style, in memory of Margaret Mallett, with such a beautiul book.




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