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"What can we do
when Mother Earth needs our help?
From one to ten we’re counting green
to keep our planet safe and clean."

Super brilliant new book for young children and anyone who wants to find ways to help our planet survive, published 16th March 2023.

Follow a group of children as they discover how every small action can make a big difference and help to save our Earth. From one new tree and two breezy bicycle wheels to seven beach pick-ups, nine wild flowers and ten friendly neighbours.
Illustrated with the simplicity, warmth and charm which Barroux is famous for, Counting in Green is an inspirational picture book, encouraging young children and their families to push for change and keep our planet safe and secure for all living things.

Hollis Kurman is a multi-talented author ,and writing for children is just part of her talents. Counting in Green is part of Counting series. There are amazing activities to download and videos too.

Otter- Barry Books has a wonderful portfolio of books and Counting in Green is an excellent addition to their books which will make a difference to children's lives.

It is always a joy to receive a book from Otter- Barry Books and Counting in Green is a book which I will enjoy so much for sharing at home or for school visits.

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